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Rice noodles

Rice & Donburi

C1 Chicken Katsu Curry & Rice

Chicken in bread crumbs with Japanese curry sauce on rice


C2 Mixed Katsu Curry& Rice

Prawns and chicken katsu and mashed pumpkin with Japanese curry sauce on rice


C3 King Prawn Katsu Curry & Rice

5pcs King Prawns katsu and with Japanese curry sauce on rice


C4 Tofu curry



C5 Chicken fried rice with miso soup



C6 Janpanese Steam Rice




DON1 Tori Katsu-Don

Deep fried Chicken with onion, egg on rice


DON2 Unagi-Don

Grilled eel with eel sauce on rice


DON3 Chirashi-Don

Assorted sashimi on sushi rice


DON4 Sake-Don

Salmon sashimi on sushi rice


Fried Udon & Noodle (Pan Fried Noodles)

F1 Chicken Yaki Udon



F2 Seafood Yaki Udon



F3 Beef Yaki Udon



F4 Chicken Yaki Soba



F5 Vegetable Yaki Soba



F6 Salmon teriyaki Yaki Soba



F7 Seafood Yaki Soba



F8 Pad Thai

Fried rice noodles with prawns,chicken or tofu, egg, fish sauce, peanuts lime wedge &bean sprouts


Ramen & Soup Noodle

RN1 Seafood Ramen

Ramen noodles in a Tonkotsu soup topped with egg, prawns, scallop, Squid fish cake, spring onions and spinach


RN2 Chilli Chicken Ramen

Udon noodles in Tonkotsu soup topped with egg chilli chicken, spring onions and spinach


RN3 Udon Cafe Special

udon in homemade sauce with egg,prawns tempura, chicken, spring onions and spinach


RN4 Tonkotsu Ramen (pork)

Tonkotsu based soup noodle topped with egg char siu spring onions and spinach


RN5 Kimchi Ramen

Hot. Udon noodles in tonkatsu soup topped with egg chilli chicken, spring onions & spinach


Bento Box (all served with Miso Soup, salad, picker and rice)

B1 Tofu Bento

Teriyaki tofu on rice, vegetable sushi roll


B2 Vegetable Bento

vegetable Tempura, vegetable Gyoza


B3 Nasu Dengaku Bento

Grilled miso aubergine, vegetable gyoza, cucumber sushi roll


B4 Chicken Kara-age & Gyoza Bento

deep fried chicken, gyoza and sushi roll


B5 Chicken teriyaki & Gyoza Bento

Boneless grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, Gyoza and sushi roll


B6 Chicken Katsu Bento

Chicken in bread crumbs gyoza and sushi roll


B7 Beef Bento

Korea Beef, Gyoza and sushi roll


B8 Salmon teriyaki & Age tofu Bento

Grilled 2pcs salmon with teriyaki sauce and gyoza and sushi roll


B9 Sushi Bento

Salmon teriyaki, 3 slices salmon sashimi, 2 simon Nigiris, 6 piece salmon roll, Rice, Salad, Pickle


B10 Sashimi Bento

Mixed Prawn and Vegetable Tempura , 3 slices tuna & 4 slices salmon sashimi, Assorted sashimi on sushi rice